Solium Support Center

This project was done under my work for Solium. The Solium Support Center is built off of the Zendesk Guide platform with a custom design by a third-party agency and the design and features were developed by Tyler Cooper. It was built to serve as a self-service support site for clients to sent users to [...]

Synergy 2018 Conference Site

This project was done under my work for Solium. This is the second year we used an external HTML standalone website instead of using an event management system to create the event site. The site was built off the VentCamp HTML theme to utilize some of the prebuilt shortcodes like the schedule builder. This site does [...]

Solium Synergy 2017 Conference Site

This project was done under my work for Solium. In past years we were limited in our web development abilities due to the limitations of a registration management system we used to host the conference site. This year we decided to create our own website so we have full control over the code. We wanted a [...]

Synergy Interactive Planner

This project was done under my work for Solium. The company wanted a way to show prospects and clients all of the sessions and workshops that are available at their user annual client conference, while giving users the ability to interact with the site and filter the sessions by several filters. What you can do on the [...]

TCoops Landing Page


This website was a personal and casual project. I needed a landing page for my main domain tcoops.net that would allow visitors to navigate between my TCoops Fitness wesbite and my TCoops Web Development website. This was my first attempt at using the jQuery scrolling plugin. CSS text animations. Custom responsive code for mobile viewing. [...]