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This project was done under my work for Solium. As this is a company internal website, there is no link or viewable demo. Summit was build to be an internal website for employees to be able to keep up with the latest news in the company on a more global scale. A core group of employees [...]

TCoops Web Dev.


The website you are currently on, added here to outline elements used mainly, was created for my business. This site is build with Wordpress and takes advantage of the Avada Theme from Themeforest.   Wordpress CMS base. Avada Theme by ThemeForest. Pages built using Fusion Builder by Theme Fusion. Logo creation using Adobe Illustrator. Photos [...]

TCoops Landing Page


This website was a personal and casual project. I needed a landing page for my main domain that would allow visitors to navigate between my TCoops Fitness wesbite and my TCoops Web Development website. This was my first attempt at using the jQuery scrolling plugin. CSS text animations. Custom responsive code for mobile viewing. [...]

Stat Healthcare Corp

This website was build for my first client who was actually an old employer of mine. It was built through WordPress to allow easy content management by the client once the project was completed. It was constructed using a pre-made template that was modified to the customers needs. Iframes are inserted into each of the [...]