Project Description

This project was done under my work for Solium.

This is the second year we used an external HTML standalone website instead of using an event management system to create the event site.

The site was built off the VentCamp HTML theme to utilize some of the prebuilt shortcodes like the schedule builder. This site does not use WordPress like many sites in my portfolio do, it was built from the base template and coded in Atom editor.

In previous years, the conference agenda/schedule was built manually and updates manually. This meant when we had updates to a session title, date, time, speaker etc. we had to update it manually on the website. So this year we built scripts that utilized the event management systems open API to pull sessions down automatically, store them in a database, and allow us to build the schedule off of those stored values. I built a simple backend page so other team members could update the session database without needing a developer. We used a similar technique to pull all the speakers and their profile details.

We utilized video to really make the hero of the page pop and showcase the beautiful scenery of Boston. (See Image 3)

This project was a time-sensitive website so a viewable project is no longer available.