Project Description

This project was done under my work for Solium.

As this is a company internal website, there is no link or viewable demo.

Summit was build to be an internal website for employees to be able to keep up with the latest news in the company on a more global scale. A core group of employees gather articles and content from each region to be posted on the site.

Every employee can access the website using SAML integrated single sign on, and has a personal profile created for them when they sign in for the first time. Once a user creates a profile they can explore the site and interact with the content or other users on the site. User profiles have a full activity feed, about me section, and allow users to upload a cover photo (much like Facebook) and profile picture.

The global search tool allows users to search for articles, achievements, users, departments and just about anything, while they type into the search box.

An HTML email editor and SengGrid email services allows the summit website to send out HTML customized emails with advanced email analytics and link tracking through SendGrid. Users can submit content to the website by filling out a form and uploading .docx files, once submitted the Summit Team is alerted by an email notification where a summit author will post the article on behalf of the user.

A ‘Dashboard’ like system was created from a sliding bar at the top of the screen, accessible by pressing the + icon in the top right corner of the screen. With the dashboard or ‘Summit Bar’ is opened, user can view profile data, important links, points leaderboard, company stock ticker, office locations with time and date, and a geo-location enabled weather widget. This can be accessed globally on every page.

The site has a a built in gamification system that awards points to users based on activity, performing actions (comments, likes) and posting articles. A leaderboard ranks users by their accumulated points and allows a little friendly competition to reach the top. An achievement system is built into the point system to award users for other activities on the site and award them with achievement badges as well as points.